Sunday, May 11, 2008

President of What?

I had faith that the band that produced Something about Airplanes and Photo album could create something beautiful yet skillful once again. However, Narrow Stairs disappoints. This album is empty. The lyrics drone on and seem consistently ingenuine throughout the album. And the music itself does not trail far behind. I typically applaud Ben for his feelings but the music and lyrics alike are deserving of the alliteration lame and lackluster. Sorry Ben, maybe you'll cry about this review and be inspired to make a better album next time.

Friday, April 4, 2008

songs for the sleepy thoughtful mind

eddie vedder produced a soundtrack to transform your life to.

The act of seeing. To see color. To see shape. To recognize another. To recognize nothing. Our hands to seek, gather, break, rip, build, grow, feel. Our inherent taste for water, for fruit, for wheat or meat. Hearing for the sounds of the day, for predator, for friend. Then we wanted to see more, to remember what we see, to photograph the seen. We started to build anything, to ruin everything. Wanting to feel more than the nature's grains and soil, for paper money, for fur, for leather. A taste for more than water, for fruit, for wheat or meat. I love my senses. I love the pressure of pushing down on keys.. and my affects on little and large things. I like pulling my hair over my eyes. I like feeling the sensation of hair on my head. Of closed eye lids, of tired eyes. How did we evolve from survival to gluttony? And is this evolution? I feel part of this de-evolution. Spiraling into the significance of the words I write, of the screen i see, of the phone I dial on. This is unimportant. I am so serious about insignificance. I've traveled far from my beginnings and i feel like I need to be re-originated.

Monday, January 28, 2008

In My Leisure Sweet......

Whipped Chocolate Cookie Cake

All you need:
*Chocolate Wafer Cookies
*Cool Whip

This recipe takes a cool minute and makes a creamy cake! Just put the whipped topping between each cookie, lay this horizontally. Cover all the cookies with cool whip on top and on sides. And then refrigerate for 4-5 hrs, or freeze until hardened. Its a delicious, easy to make dessert that has neat chocolate stripes when you slice into it!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hungry why not some Hot Chip?

Video for Ready For the Floor-Hot Chip on the newest release Made in the Dark

The M for Malkmus

Let's face it, millions of indie hearts shattered in 1999 when the members of Pavement disbursed. However, Stephen Malkmus joined the Jicks and they engineered Pib Lib feautring Vanessa from Queens and Do Not Feed the Oyster( two my malkmus faves). Well, he is piecing our hearts back together friends with "Real Emotional Trash." I know most of already made headway and have downloaded this via torrents, but I had to make my tribute post. Baltimore is a perfectly quirky single for Stephen. This track is only a sneak peep into the ultimate 90's guitar rifts that make Malkmus magnificent. We Can't help You is one of my favorite tracks on this album; it encompasses Malkmus' wrong but right style. Theatrical, skillful, eccentric the partnership with the drummer in Sleater Kinney!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Last Year's Beats

My Recommended Albums of 2007:
(my top 10 albums, minus particular order)
1. Most Serene Republic Population
Most Serene Republic is my favorite offshoot of arts+crafts! My novice indie taste once perferred the scream-o sounds of rainer maria, but Most Serene Republic has perfected boy/girl harmony and innovative indie beats.
*Best track: Sherry and Her Butterfly Net
2. Beirut The Flying Club Cup
Zack Condon has made brilliant, beautiful music. He impressed me with with swirling rhythms that make me feel like i'm floating on cumulus clouds or flying club cups thats for sure.
*Best track: "guyamas sonora"
3. Andrew Bird Armchair Apocrypha
Andrew Bird embodies dreamy brilliance. This album features contagious rhythms and witty lyrics. Dosh and Andrew Bird make for an incredible partnership and thus, is the product. He sings to your soul, whistles to your heart, and pleasently strums for the ears.
*Best track: Heretics (Although, this entire album is strictly wonderful.)
4. Radiohead In Rainbows
Very reminisent of Thom York's recent Eraser, which could never be a bad thing. Radiohead maintains impressive beats, smooth rhthyms and York's beautiful elfish voice. I like the islandy overtone to the beats in 15 steps. I've tripped over the moderate beats of House of Cards and fell head over heels for this album. And Jigsaw falling into place made this album fall into my top 1o of 2007.
*Best track: 15 Steps
6. Rob Crowe Living Well
Let's be honest.. despite the very Barney Rubble title Bam Bam there is nothing barbaric about these beats. It maintains Pinback's esscence but lets not forget Rob Crowe's almost monotone voice and condescending guitar rifts.
*Best track: I hate you, Rob Crowe (either fucking version)
7. Modest Mouse We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
Yes, Dashboard, the single for this album, is a bit catchy, but lets be honest. Its Modest Mouse and I will never be disappointed by their siq guitar and Issac's Brock's passionate yet hopelessly depressive lyrics.
*Best track: Fire It Up
8. Devendra Banhart Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon
Perfectly composed: His piano, his echoing bassy voice, incredible guitar, perfect drums. At times, his ascending choral lines are accompanied by a swirling flute and the occasional middle eastern overtones. And then he returns to classic guitar rifts. Jaw dropping and Ear Imploding.
*Best track: Seahorse
9. Caribou Andorra
Previously known as Manitoba/Koushik, Caribou has created colorful, psychadellic tunes. His soothing, suddle voice is picked up by racey, perfectly executed drum beats and 60's distortion. I love Sundialing, I can imagine music notes marching in unison on a heavenly composition.
*Best track: Sundialing (but Melody Day is a close second)
10. Okkervil River The Stage Names
Indie Rock. This is indie rock. period.
*Best track: Unless it Kicks

Special mention: Electrelane, Great Lake Swimmers, Pinback, Iron and Wine