Friday, April 4, 2008

songs for the sleepy thoughtful mind

eddie vedder produced a soundtrack to transform your life to.

The act of seeing. To see color. To see shape. To recognize another. To recognize nothing. Our hands to seek, gather, break, rip, build, grow, feel. Our inherent taste for water, for fruit, for wheat or meat. Hearing for the sounds of the day, for predator, for friend. Then we wanted to see more, to remember what we see, to photograph the seen. We started to build anything, to ruin everything. Wanting to feel more than the nature's grains and soil, for paper money, for fur, for leather. A taste for more than water, for fruit, for wheat or meat. I love my senses. I love the pressure of pushing down on keys.. and my affects on little and large things. I like pulling my hair over my eyes. I like feeling the sensation of hair on my head. Of closed eye lids, of tired eyes. How did we evolve from survival to gluttony? And is this evolution? I feel part of this de-evolution. Spiraling into the significance of the words I write, of the screen i see, of the phone I dial on. This is unimportant. I am so serious about insignificance. I've traveled far from my beginnings and i feel like I need to be re-originated.

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