Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hungry why not some Hot Chip?

Video for Ready For the Floor-Hot Chip on the newest release Made in the Dark

The M for Malkmus

Let's face it, millions of indie hearts shattered in 1999 when the members of Pavement disbursed. However, Stephen Malkmus joined the Jicks and they engineered Pib Lib feautring Vanessa from Queens and Do Not Feed the Oyster( two my malkmus faves). Well, he is piecing our hearts back together friends with "Real Emotional Trash." I know most of already made headway and have downloaded this via torrents, but I had to make my tribute post. Baltimore is a perfectly quirky single for Stephen. This track is only a sneak peep into the ultimate 90's guitar rifts that make Malkmus magnificent. We Can't help You is one of my favorite tracks on this album; it encompasses Malkmus' wrong but right style. Theatrical, skillful, eccentric the partnership with the drummer in Sleater Kinney!